Realm Zero


Closed Beta – Release Notes

Available: 04/01/2017 The system has undergone a major overhaul, which includes several changes to the current play style. In addition to the player client several Unity editor extensions have been built to transform the Unity game engine, into more of a MMO game engine. These additional tools make it extremely simple to add new items, monsters, merchants, spawns and […]

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Server Physics & Zone Management

When I first began this project, it was on a very small scale and utilized only a single 400 x 400 terrain (world) tile. This also played a huge role in the network transmission between players, basically everyone connected would receive all packets. I was aware that one day there would be multiple terrain tiles […]

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Patch v0.0.2.0 & Alpha Access Changes

Since the alpha release a few patches have been published to address some minor performance issues and glitches. We’ve also implemented a new lobby/creation scene, which also includes a revised user interface to achieve a unified appearance throughout the game. This patch is loaded with several new game features and also includes some heavily revised […]

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Upcoming Features